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Previous Training courses have included:

Personality Styles – A two part CPD (2 x 1 days)
Rosemary Langford-Bellaby MSc Integrative Psychotherapist

On this workshop, we will consider significant factors in the development of personality styles considering their aetiology, developmental and relational issues. We will draw on the work of Stephen Johnson, Smith-Benjamin, Eleanor Greenberg and others as well as referring to the DSMV. The emphasis will be on understanding our own personality styles and those of others and how this can affect our relationships and ways of being in the world. That the various styles are neither better nor worse but manifestations of self in relationship.

Day 1 – On the first day, we will cover the development of self and of personality, the three clusters of personality, personality descriptors and understand more of ourselves and others in this respect.

Part 2 –  On the second we will examine three of the major personality styles in more depth – Narcissistic, Borderline and Schizoid. We will look at modes of assessment, potential transferential and countertransferential process. we will also look at a range of possible useful responses (and not so useful ones) in respect of the different styles. All of this will include consideration of the influences of political, cultural and environmental issues on the development and presentation of different features with personality and our ways of being in the world.

Rosemary’s experience and knowledge is based on a career of 45 years, she has worked in acute mental health and psychiatric settings. Rosemary is trained both in Gestalt Psychotherapy and Integrative Psychotherapy and has completed additional elements of training in Transactional Analysis, Behavioural Therapy and Client Centred counselling.

Rosemary was previously course leader for the Person-Centered Counselling Program and course leader of the MSc in Integrative Psychotherapy at the Sherwood Institute, along with also completing supervision training and is currently a tutor on the supervision training at SPTI. Currently Rosemary is acting head of training at Sherwood as well as tutor on MSc Integrative psychotherapy and diploma in supervision.

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