Under new GDPR regulations we are required by law to share with our clients the data that we hold on them.

Digital records 

These Include: emails; that either we may send to each other regarding appointments or any between session contact. This may also include voicemails and of absence of therapist text messages.  Other digital records include, our online diary system and records of payment made via bank transfer, All the above is stored securely and/or on password protected devises or portals.


We maintain an attendance record of when we meet, a contract for the work we are doing together; this includes your name, signature, objectives of work together/ reason for coming to therapy Inc. Contact sheet with your full name, DOB, phone numbers, email address, emergency contact and GP details.  All of this is kept in a locked filing cabinet.

Gift Aid

If you have signed a Gift Aid Declaration form your data is processed to HMRC this includes:

  • Title
  • First name
  • Surname
  • Number of house
  • Post code

How we use it and sharing information

We will not share any of the above information with 3rd parties.  Unless you ask us to in which case we will discuss the benefit of this.  If the information we hold on you is court ordered, we will have no choice but to share this, however we will endeavour where possible to inform you prior to this action being taken.

Clinical supervision; the information shared will not include data such as surname, address, emergency contact, phone numbers, email address.  The only information shared will be your first name, the city that you live in, your background, why you came to therapy and the nature of our work together.  This process is to ensure high standards are met with you and clinical supervisors are bound by confidentiality and cannot share the information that is shared with them about you.  Further training and research; information used will not include any information that makes you directly and/or explicitly identifiable, maintaining my commitment to client anonymity.

How long I Keep your information

We hold your personal details and client records whilst you are attending as a client, on completion of your therapy we will scan and encrypt your records, destroying paper copies immediately and deleting scanned records after 7 years as per BACP and UKCP regulations stipulate.



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