Charges Explained

At Cedar Counselling we are committed to offering affordable and accessible counselling & psychotherapy; bridging the gap between NHS and private therapy.  Our ethos is built on our desire to offer therapeutic aid to people who are in need and cannot afford private costs.  Therefore we expect people who are employed and not on benefits or have a low income to pay the lower fees  of £30 – £40.  This enables us to keep providing a very much needed and important service within the community and surrounding areas.

Initial Assessment

The initial assessment provides potential clients the opportunity to discuss their therapy needs and for us to assess whether we can offer a service that meets your needs.

You will have the opportunity to discuss the practical elements of therapy  including suitable days and times, as well as fees.

The fees for assessments are:

Individual Assessment- £25

Couples Assessment – £40

Standard Pricing for Ongoing Individual Therapy Sessions

Time slots available are between 9am and 4pm

Band A* (£15 slots)
Reserved for people who are unemployed and receiving jobseekers allowance

Band B* (£18 per session)
Reserved for people who are on long term benefits such as disability allowance, or low income (£15,000 and below)

Band C* (£20-£29 per session)
For people on a below average income (£15,000- £24,999)

Band D (£30-£40 per session)
For people earning £25,000 and above.

* requests for experienced therapists/counsellors can be met, however there will be a minimum charge of £30 per session.

Premium Slots (Evenings and Weekends)

Evening  (from 5pm onwards) and Saturdays start from £20, due to demand.  We trust clients to pay as much as they can afford between £20-£40.  As a guide we would expect clients who earn £24,000 and below to pay £20-£25, clients who earns £25,000 and above to pay £30-£35 and clients who earn £30,000 and above to pay £40.

Specialist Services Pricing

The fees for these services differ from individual adult counselling due to the specialist nature of the work and more extensive and additional therapist training.

Couples Counselling – £50 is the fee for couples counselling

Family Counselling – £65 -Family therapy is for 3-6 family members only.

Adolescent Therapy – £30-£40 – This is a service for ages 14-17.  The financial assessment is on the parent(s)/guardian(s) and not on the young person.  As a guide, we would suggest £30 for incomes below £20,000.  £35 for incomes above £20,000 and £40 for incomes above £30,000.

Please note:

  • All fees are subject to regular reviews.  Changes in financial circumstances; where income rises or lowers will change which fees band you are paying. 
  • We have a cancellation policy at Cedar Counselling which is to charge for missed/cancelled appointments unless we receive 48 hours’ notice.


We receive no funding from the government or NHS. All our work relies on the kind contributions of clients and outside donators. If you would like to support our work in supporting others, please visit our donations page.

All of our therapists are registered with UKCP or BACP as student/trainee or fully qualified members.

For more information on our Counselling Services in Birmingham, please contact us.


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