Covid-19 Mental Health Response Project

Facing Unique Situations Can Be Hard.

Life can be challenging. And in the wake of Covid-19 we are experiencing extra pressure and facing situations that are pushing us to our limits.

To constantly ‘turn up’, keep going, suffer alone or put on a brave face, when you’re feeling anything but, can be hard.

If your life has been adversely affected by the ongoing pandemic through loss of a loved one, illness, relationship stresses, money issues, increased anxiety or anything else, we are here to support you.

Cedar Counselling are delighted to be able to offer funded one-to-one counselling support to those who are struggling.*

Asking for help is not always easy but it is important. Get in touch today.

*Spaces are limited and to qualify for a funded place:

  • Self Referral
  • Living within Birmingham, Sandwell and Dudley
  • Income below £25,000

Directly impacted by the Covid 19 Pandemic, through:

  • Key worker status
  • Bereavement
  • Relationship problems/breakdown



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